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there’s a place called larkburger. i think it’s only in colorado, but anyway, my boyfriend works there. it’s like high quality organic, gluten free, etc.

and they have truffle parmesan fries - they’re skinny skinny fries with parsley and parmesan on them and they’re fried in organic truffle oil and i hadn’t ever had them until the other day because the whole time we’ve been together i haven’t ever been there when i’m not sick or when i was, it wasn’t convenient to eat or whatever but i was nervous because i don’t like mushrooms and have never had truffle oil and oH MY LORD IN HEAVEN THEY ARE AMAZING IT’S A FLAVORGASM IN YOUR MOUTH AND I’M IN A GP FLARE AND ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT ARE THOSE FRIES AND TWO OF MY BEST FRIENDS WENT TO EAT THERE TODAY AND UNNNNGGGGGGGG I JUST WANT TRUFFLE FRIES. 

this has been story time with shay. 
oh, and here’s a picture of the fries:


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